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Nobody likes getting locked out of their home or place of business, but the good news is that Mr. Gnome Locksmith in Winston-Salem, NC can help. You don’t have to kick the door down or break a window to get in. Just call us, and we’ll help you back into your residential or commercial property. Even if your lock is too old or damaged to be opened using conventional methods, we’re sure to have a trick up our sleeves to safely get you inside and replace that old lock while we’re at it.

If you’re looking for replacement locks, a new safe, or other high-security upgrades, we’re the local locksmith to call.
Emergency Locksmith Greensboro, NC

Our residential & commercial locksmith focuses on keeping you safe & secure.

24 Hour Locksmith Greensboro, NC
Check out the many other local locksmith services we provide:
  • Lock Replacement & Lock Changes: Whether you have just moved into a new place or you’ve suffered a security breach, we can provide quality replacement locks. Let us keep you secure. We can also replace locks and keys for file cabinets, desks, and much more.
  • Security Locks: We have a number of security upgrades available to help you keep your family, employees, and property safe. Be sure to ask us about keyless locks, padlocks, and more.
  • Safe Service: Whether you’re protecting documents, cash, or valuables, nearly everyone can use a quality safe. We provide a number of different safes for homes and businesses, including depositories, high-security safes, and specialty safes. We also offer safe moving services.
From locks and keys to safes and more, Mr. Gnome Locksmith is here to see to make sure you’re safe and secure at home and at work. Whether you need emergency locksmith service, lock changes, commercial locksmith or you’re interested in security upgrades, we invite you to get in touch with us. Call (336) 546-5923 today to get started!
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